• Skill Rating : 5
  • Animal Type : Dog
  • Breeds - Dogs : Poodle
  • Weight : 5-10Kg
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Highly Experienced Model who is available to be dyed in a variety of colours

    Skills include:
    · Staying still in/on moving objects like being pushed in prams, pushed in wheel-along cars, maintaining standing in a bold stand position whilst a sun lounger is lifted almost vertical position on two wheels then wheeled along, balancing on a body board on water, sitting still in a washing basket then being lifted up in the air and walked around, sitting in a moving remote controlled car.
    · Very still poses maintaining various positions sitting, standing proud on 4 legs, standing on 2 legs leaning on something, laying, body placed in position then head in any position either direct to camera or over the shoulder shot.
    · Happy to pose at heights on uneven surfaces on rock faces on beaches, high tables, kitchen work tops, roofs/bonnets of cars, balancing still on high or moving objects.
    · Agility ability to jump through objects and up onto many surfaces both even and uneven.
    · Jumping on to moving objects then maintaining still hold position whilst object is still moving.
    · Holding paws on objects like steering wheels or boxes for still shots.
    · Waiting still in a position for required length of time then walking away in the correct direction on command.
    · Not fazed by holding a pose maintaining concentration whilst commotion is going on directly around her like moving objects, crowds of noisy people, other unsettled disruptive dogs.

    Venice’s previous experience

    · Modelling for Getty images. Still poses, poses with hair dryers blowing onto the hair, wearing clothes, balancing tiaras on the head, still poses looking both away from the camera at an object, and looking directly down the camera.

    · Modelling for You and Your Wedding Magazine and Surrey Wedding Magazine. Still poses and interacting with wedding bride model poses. Balancing on boxes. Shots about to eat cake but holding off actually tucking in. Comfortable maintaining still poses around other still and moving objects, balloons etc.

    · Modelling for Fabulous Magazine. Still poses. Posing in a childs car holding a paw on the steering wheel. Staged shots jumping out of a childs car on command.

    · Filming Music Video. Still shots for takes sitting on tables, sitting in a moving remote controlled car, direct looking into camera, kissing on command.

    · Filming Gadget Show Channel 5. Appearing across most episodes over 3 series of the Gadget Show tech testing. Many scenes including walking on a human treadmill, getting in and out of human cars on command in testing cars scene, posing for cameras tech testing camera equipment, looking into mobile devices tech testing apps, staged shots for camping equipment, improv interaction reacting appropriately, wearing a 3D virtual reality head set, staying completely still for a 360 degree shot for an image to a create a 3D model of her, looking into a laptop acting shopping online.

    · Filming for My Mums Hotter Than Me Channel 5 (Venice is considered to be the hottest in the household for the episode). Various Staged scenes including jumping through hoops and over agility equipment in both English and Italian language commands, sitting on a chair eating at a humans dinner table in a restaurant with improv interaction ‘talking’ back as if to answer. Staged scenes waiting around a corner until called into a room to walk past a camera at floor level, waiting in a separate room then on command get called in to a room to walk straight to a plate of sausages on the floor and start eating.

    · Filming Snog Marry Avoid Dog Feature BBC3. Standing on a table still posed with improv interaction with ‘regal/cocky’ looks into the hidden camera in the POD whilst having fur extensions applied.
  • Lives with other Animals : Yes
  • Dog Skill Set : Sit, Stay, Lie down, Will wear clothes, Good with other dogs, Basic Agility , Used to professional camera flash , Advanced Agility , Learns new tricks very easily

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