• Skill Rating : 5
  • Animal Type : Cat
  • Breeds - Cats : Abysinnian
  • Weight : Under 5Kg
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Outgoing and confident meeting strangers. Is harness, lead and clothing trained. Harness trained, lead trained, can travel comfortably in cars, trains, subways, buses, and boats. Comfortable wearing clothing. Clicker trained. Playful and intelligent.

    Described as a celebrity in her own right, Quita has met HRH Prince Charles, HM Queen’s former press secretary Charles Anson, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and actor/comedian Ricky Gervais. In August 2019, Quita appeared in DJ Regard‘s hit “Ride It” song official Fan Lyric Video.

    Although Quita is based in London, she loves to adventure! Quita the Kitty has already visited all eight of London’s Royal Parks, potentially the first cat or one of the first few to ride on one of the Thames Clipper boats, and has even traveled to France, Italy, Vatican City, Austria and Germany.

    Quita’s primary role is to help those who feel down feel happy with an aim to eventually providing therapy sessions to the elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • Lives with other Animals : Yes
  • Details of other Animals :
    African Grey Parrots
  • Cat Skill Set : Used to being held, Interacts with toys, Comfortable with collar, Allows grooming, Walks on a Harness, Good with children, Will wear clothes, Good with other animals, Taken part in professional shows , Used to professional camera flash, Not startled by noises, Used to lots of people around, Used to travelling to different locations , Not startled by loud noises, Regularly goes out of the house in public areas
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