• Skill Rating : 4
  • Animal Type : Small / Furry
  • Breeds - Small Furry : Chinchilla
  • Other Small Furry Breed : Chinchilla
  • Weight : Under 5Kg
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Jez is everybody's sweetheart, he's the boy next door with the large inheritance who's always happy to play. Jez loves his food and his family and always has time for his adoring fans who love his colour and his mad hat-wearing skills. Jez is very lucky because one of the best breeders in the UK has agreed to breed him a very rare coloured wife. In Fife. So he's going to have a wife from Fife to last all his life! Chinchillas are very romantic little creatures and will happily mate for life if you get them the right lover.
  • Lives with other Animals : Yes
  • Small Furry Skill Set : Sit, Stay on mark , Used to being held, Taken part in professional shows , Not startled by noises, Used to lots of people around, Used to travelling to different locations
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