• Skill Rating : 5
  • Animal Type : Dog
  • Breeds - Dogs : French Bulldog
  • Weight : 10-20Kg
  • Neck Circumference - cm : 38cm
  • Back Length - Base of neck to start of tail in cm : 36cm
  • Floor to Shoulder - cm : 27cm
  • Floor to top of head when standing measurement - cm : 43cm
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Eric is extraordinarily friendly, charismatic, and supernaturally talented! Eric will sit, stay, lie down, hi five , turn around, roll over etc, but is happiest when skateboarding!
  • Lives with other Animals : No
  • Dog Skill Set : Sit, Stay, Lie down, Will wear clothes, Good with children, Good with other dogs, Gives Paw, Basic Agility , Roll over, Will hold item in mouth, Bark on Command, Advanced Agility , Learns new tricks very easily

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