• Skill Rating : 5
  • Animal Type : Dog
  • Breeds - Dogs : Australian Shepard
  • Weight : 20+Kg
  • Neck Circumference - cm : 41cm
  • Chest Circumference - cm : 71cm
  • Back Length - Base of neck to start of tail in cm : 66cm
  • Floor to Shoulder - cm : 30cm
  • Floor to top of head when standing measurement - cm : 55cm
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Cookie is aussie mix .
    Cookie is trick trained .
    She can work from distance with visual cues, as well as voice .
    She will stay on a mark .
    she can be directed from a distance and wil go from A to B.
    She has passed level 1 Do more with your dog, animal actor and has many skills beyond this level.
    She is great with dogs, puppies and kids , see videos COOKIE AND KIDS.
    She is good around live stock will relax around sheep horses chickens etc.
    She sleeps with our family cat but has not been tested with other cats.
    She is a very calm dog very patient .
    She has done agility and will run a course.
    She will wear clothes hats and glasses . She will hold random objects. The usual toys , newspaper etc , but i test her with more unusual ites like a hose, plat pot spoon , anything that come to hand new items can be introduced with a little 5 minute training session .
    Her ever growing list of tricks are as follows , she is learning more every day.
    Bar Jump
    Catch a Ball/Toy
    look at me
    look at it
    look left look right target stick
    jump hoop ,
    jump arms hoop
    jump leg extended
    leave it
    paws up
    peek a boo
    push ups
    sand on pedal stall
    speak\\bark on cue
    twist left
    twirl right
    find it
    stay , sit , stand
    take it
    fetch it
    nose target
    paw target
    touch target stick nose
    hand touch
    close door
    tug open door
    direction casting
    fetch to hand
    hold it,
    Jump baton whilst carrying an item.
    Drop item collect new item jump back.
    figure of 8 thorough my legs
    go round barrel or similar
    leg weave
    park it
    blow bubbles
    tidy up
    look left look right
    fetch to someone
    peek a boo whilst waking
    platform jump
    pull rope
    roll over
    foot target
    sit pretty \\beg
    We could potentially do heal work to music as she has most of the moves .
    she can be taught tricks with a little notice , she is clever and adaptable. 
  • Lives with other Animals : Yes
  • Details of other Animals :
    Betty our cat . They sleep together .
    We have owned during her life time a number of chickens and budgies . She has spent a lot of time around stable yards horses , donkeys , sheep etc.
  • Dog Skill Set : Sit, Stay, Lie down, Will wear clothes, Good with children, Good with other dogs, Gives Paw, Basic Agility , Competes at fun shows , Roll over, Jump on command , Used to professional camera flash , Fetch and bring back item, Will hold item in mouth, Play Dead, Bark on Command, Will go from Mark A to mark B on command , Learns new tricks very easily

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