• Skill Rating : 3
  • Animal Type : Dog
  • Breeds - Dogs : Beagle
  • Weight : 10-20Kg
  • Neck Circumference - cm : 34.5
  • Chest Circumference - cm : 67.5
  • Back Length - Base of neck to start of tail in cm : 51
  • Floor to Shoulder - cm : 45
  • Floor to top of head when standing measurement - cm : 50
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Stark is a very intelligent dog, she\'s always been eager to learn new things since she was a puppy, and has always taken to any new tricks she\'s been taught straight away. She loves people, and loves nothing more than being cuddled, or being given fuss and told how pretty she is. As long as you have a treat Stark will do practically anything, although we do have difficulty in getting her to perform tricks from a distance currently, this is being worked on with our trainer, she will stay at a good distance. Although she can be quite excitable when first meeting other dogs and people she soon calms down after a few minutes. She has always been around performing and loud music, as I am an actor and run performing arts classes locally, which she has attended with me since puppyhood, so not a lot fazes her. She can be a calm and quiet soul most of the time, always watching and picking up on humans reactions to things, she is very intuitive. She's always working on new skills, and we'd be happy to learn anything that she doesn't already know and keep refining what she does. In addition to the skills already listed she also knows spin, crawl, wave, leave, up (jump front paws up onto the human), bow.
  • Lives with other Animals : Yes
  • Details of other Animals :
    Parker her full sister, born on 12/09/2018. My parents dogs Hugo a four year old Pug, Bobby an eleven year old Griffon (Petite Brabancon) mixed breed and Blossom a thirteen year old Pug crossbreed
  • Dog Skill Set : Sit, Stay, Lie down, Will wear clothes, Good with children, Good with other dogs, Gives Paw, Basic Agility , Used to professional camera flash , Fetch and bring back item, Will hold item in mouth, Learns new tricks very easily
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