• Skill Rating : 5
  • Animal Type : Dog
  • Breeds - Dogs : Shiba Inu
  • Weight : 10-20Kg
  • Neck Circumference - cm : 38
  • Back Length - Base of neck to start of tail in cm : 38
  • Floor to Shoulder - cm : 42
  • Floor to top of head when standing measurement - cm : 58
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Raion is a lovely dog who loves to play and have fun. He is full of energy and vigour. He is very cute..very easy to fall in love or to melt your heart. He is beautiful dog and everyone pay attention to him. He is always being noticed, because of his foxy look. Raion is well trained and he does not make any troubles. As typical Shiba inu he can smile :-)
    He is very protective and caring around kids. He is responsible as much as dog can be.
  • Lives with other Animals : No
  • Dog Skill Set : Sit, Stay, Good with children, Good with other dogs, Basic Agility , Fetch and bring back item, Bark on Command, Plays Football, Sings
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