• Skill Rating : 4
  • Animal Type : Horse
  • Breeds - Horse : Horse
  • Other Horse Breed : Falabella mix American Miniature
  • Weight : 20+Kg
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Dude will lift his legs (gives hoof) stand his front feet on things, spin in a circle, currently being taught to come to recall and bow, he does bow with a treat, walks backwards, jumps jumps if guided and his demand word is used. Full of character, will follow you for treats. He will also drink from a glass or can and usually hold it in his mouth himself.
  • Lives with other Animals : Yes
  • Horse Skill Set : Good with other animals, Taken part in professional shows , Used to professional camera flash, Not startled by noises, Used to lots of people around, Used to travelling to different locations , Speaks/Sings on Command, Learns new tricks very easily

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