• Skill Rating : 4
  • Animal Type : Cat
  • Breeds - Cats : British Shorthair
  • Weight : Under 5Kg
  • Neck Circumference - cm : 25
  • Chest Circumference - cm : 37
  • Back Length - Base of neck to start of tail in cm : 37
  • Floor to Shoulder - cm : 27
  • Floor to top of head when standing measurement - cm : 30
  • Please tell us a little about your pets personality and skills :
    Colourpoint Pedigree with a family tree. Extremely affectionate, great with people, loves toys. Can play fetch but only when in the mood to. Good with dogs, previously lived with a dog and multiple cats. When moved to a cat only household not too good with other cats but has been neutered since so this may have changed. Comfortable with travelling, has lived in Spain so has experienced planes and with us has had long car journeys.
  • Lives with other Animals : No
  • Details of other Animals :
    Lived with breeder who had 8 other cats and a dog.
  • Cat Skill Set : Sit, Used to being held, Interacts with toys, Comfortable with collar, Allows grooming, Good with children, Good with other animals, Fine with being held by a stranger, Used to travelling to different locations , Can Hold item in mouth , Will fetch
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